• 省エネ:ディスク型コアレスブラシレスモータを用いた構造により、高効率でありながら、消費電流が少ないものになっています。
  • 小型。軽量:ファンモータは、超軽量で小型であり、かつ超薄型が特徴となっております.こうしたことで、省スペース、軽量を重視する筐体に組み込む際において非常に有利です。
  • 低騒音:独自の回路設計により、振動は限りなく低く抑えられております。コンピューター設計による羽の形状は、大風量に対しても騒音は極めて小さく抑えられております
  • 安全設計・低漏洩磁束:自動安全装置により、ファンモータが拘束されても焼損防止機能が働きますので心配ございません。また、漏洩磁束が極めて少ないので、ディスプレー等の近くでの使用も可能となっております。
  • Enegy saving: Coreless and brushless disk motor construction for high efficiency and low power consumption.
  • Conpact design ,light weight: The motor and fan extremely compact and light. Further more the body is extremely thin.These features are invaluable for eqipment where space and weight are at a premium.
  • Silent running: The exclusive circuit design and the construction reduce vibration to the minimum. the computer-designed shape of the fan blades emits very little noise even at the maximum speed.
  • Anti-burnout Device and Low Electrical Interference: An automatic safety device shuts off the current if the fan is prevented from turning. The flux leakage is so little that the fan may be positioned even near a video display terminal.
取り扱い上の注意 Warnings with Regard to Handing
ファンモータの軸受部には精密ボールベアリングが使用されていますので、衝撃を与えますと、異常音の発生、寿命の短縮等が生じますので、お取り扱いにはご注意下さい. Caution is required when handing this machenery,because precision ball bearings are used around the shat in the fan motor,and any bumping of the unit may shorten the working life of the machine ; also strange noises may be produced.
使用上の注意 Warnings with Regard to Use
ゴミや粉塵の多い場所での使用や保管は、ベアリング寿命を短くしたり、回転障害の原因となるため避けて下さい. If you use fanmotor in a location that has considerable dirt or dust,the bearing life may be reduced and the foreign matter may obstruct rotation,therefore avoid installation in these locations.
These products described in this brochure are intended for use of general applications where defects of the Products are not critical for injuries and losses of human bodies ; forexample,office eqipments communication apparatus,measurement equipments,home appliances and etc.
You are kindly requested to call Sales Division of our company then tell us your application when higher quality and reliability is required where the defects of the Products may result the critical damage for human body or losses of their lives and/or assets.
For example ; nuclear control apparatus,aeronautical devices,traffic systems, miscelleneous safty systems and etc.
The vendor is not responsible for any damages.and losses caused by wrong and/or inadequate applications of the Products.
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